B Pharma

B Pharmacy (Bachelor of Pharmacy) is a job-oriented undergraduate degree for science students who want to make a career in the pharmacy sector. BPharm course duration is of 4 years with 8 semesters. The basic eligibility to take admission is minimum 45-60% in Class XII with science subjects (PCM, PCB or PCMB). Core subjects include Pharmaceuticals, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy. 


This course is popular because of diverse career options in pharmaceutical firms, biotechnology firms, medical sectors, private sectors, and public sectors. B Pharma qualification leads to a variety of job options like Drug Safety Associate, Clinical Research Associate, Pharmacovigilance, R&D Scientist, Hospital etc. After B Pharma course completion, students can also pursue higher degrees like MPharmaPhD or even LLB to get into drug and pharmacy law and ethics. MBA in Healthcare Management can also be pursued after BPharma to enter leadership positions in the healthcare sector.

BPharma Eligibility

Students must fulfil one of the following criteria for B Pharma admission:

  • Class XII with Physics, Chemistry and Biology/Mathematics (Basic BPharma eligibility)

  • Completed D Pharma course from a PCI (Pharmacy Council of India) approved institution. This is lateral admission in the second year of B Pharmacy course.

B Pharmacy: What is it About?

  • B Pharma is an undergraduate degree in the field of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science. Students who are interested to study about various drugs and it’s effect on the human body generally opt for this course. Majorly, it includes the study of drugs and medicine, their pharmacological action, chemical structure, formulations, biochemistry, etc. 

  • Vast job opportunities are thereafter B Pharma. Students can become a Drug Safety Associate or go into Clinical Research or Pharmacovigilance sector. Students can also become an R&D scientist or can open their own pharmacy. It is one of the most popular job-oriented degrees for science students.

  • Students can also study further to increase their qualifications or better job opportunities. M Pharma, PhD, LLB and even MBA can be pursued after BPharma course.

Why study B Pharmacy?

  • BPharma is considered one of the sought-out degrees for science students because of better financial security and career options.

  • The degree is job oriented and students’ study about various subjects included in pharmaceutical science such as Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Remedial Biology, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacy Management etc.

  • B Pharmacy is all about maintaining a standardized quality of people’s health and living. As a student, you learn about the medicines and their effect on the human body, with details of the chemical and organic properties of all the elements used.

  • B Pharma course is versatile and dynamic. Job opportunities after BPharma are in biotechnology firms, pharma firms, drug research institute, quality control, government sectors, international drug research companies, medical writing, etc.

B Pharmacy Specializations

The following are a few B Pharma Specializations

BPharma in Pharmaceutical Chemistry: In this course, many advanced lessons in various aspects of drug design, testing, development, safe and effective use of drugs/medicines, and drug delivery systems are incorporated. BPharma in Pharmaceutical Chemistry course involves an interdisciplinary study of subjects’ biology, engineering, and technological concepts, as applied for development of processes and techniques for procuring, designing, and evaluating various kinds of drugs and drug delivery systems.


BPharma in Pharmaceutics: This course involves study of allied elements such as biomedical analysis, pharmacokinetics, pharmacology, and pharmacodynamics. It covers the creation, design, distribution, and clinical use of drugs for infectious disease prevention and relief. This course study of drugs, and drug development, discovery, metabolism, absorption, etc.


BPharma in Pharmacology: Pharmacology is the science of drug action on biological systems. BPharma in Pharmacology course involves study of the sources, biological effects, chemical properties, and therapeutic uses of drugs.

B Pharmacy Jobs & Career Prospects

BPharma is a popular job-oriented degree course among Science students because of the diverse job opportunities. Following are few major job profiles:

  • Medical writer

  • Drug Safety Associate

  • Drug Inspector

  • Pharmaceutical Scientist

  • Clinical Research Associate

  • Drug Scientist

  • Medical Chemistry Scientist

  • Sales/Marketing Executive

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