Mission And Vision


“To become a nationwide name, known for our students, education and researches.”


PSSPS Collage embodies and is dedicated to deliver exceptionaleducation and research in healthcare. Our mission holds one vision, that to be recognized by our exceptional students who have contributed immensely in the benefit of the nation and have contributed significantly towards the growth of pharmaceutical industry.

  • To create an environment which promotes not only quality education but dedication towards learning mindset.

  • To impart quality education in the areas of Pharmaceutical Sciences and researches.

  • To provide innovative, research and solution based curriculum to develop globally competent professionals.

  • To imprint an attitude which encourage lifelong learning and builds aptitude for pursuing specialization.

  • To foster competitive ability to make them ‘Real Time Ready’ professionals and individuals for the world tomorrow.

  • To develop ‘Accountable’ and ‘Humane’ professionals aware of their social responsibilities with the commitment to meet future challenges in healthcare.