Mr. ON Singh

Mr. ON Singh

Last few years have been the momentous years of my life. My journey from a civil servant to an educationist couldn’t have been more challenging yet extremely rewarding. In recent time with my new role, I have come to realize that we are living in extraordinary times. Upheavals and intentions surpass our imagination. Upheavals and intentions surpass our imagination.

I nurture a dream to provide education that helps students to be able to dare to be the instruments of change and do best as per their capacity. I want students not only to take away their degrees and diplomas but also become well rounded individuals, who would carry a vision, my vision “Education with Purpose”.

I stand here excited to oversee this wonderful transformation from students to professionals, how they truly deliver under the able guidance and the channeling this positive energy to the appropriate direction by our teachers.

With the warm heart I welcome you all to the new chapter of “Karma Devi Educational District” “PSSPS Pharmacy College “. We are driven and determine to make the difference.